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Performing as the featured  vocalist on the 2016  MattyB tour.

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 Hi!  I am Brooke Adee, a 17 year old singer, songwriter and actor living in Atlanta, Georgia.  Born in Austin, Texas (the live music capital of the world), I moved to Atlanta at the age of 2.  I have been singing and acting in various school plays, theater companies and other venues since I can remember.  To the dismay of my mother, I am a huge horror Stephen King!

I am the oldest of 4, with my two younger sisters and baby brother:  Ashley, Carissa and Austin. 

Music and writing have always been my passions since I went to see "Annie" with my parents at the Fox theater in Atlanta when I was 7 years old.  Since that time I knew that I wanted to pursue a life in the performing arts.  I thank my parents, family and God who continue to support me in pursuing my dreams.


Hope you got to catch me on Season 8 of The Voice. 

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